Monday, February 16, 2009

Valentine's Day and a High Fever

Every year, our Sunday School class does something for Valentine's Day. This year, we had a banquet for all the couples at church. It was a wonderful and fun evening spent with a lot of amazing friends. We had food catered by Casa's, which was absolutely delicious. There was a "Most Romantic Husband" contest with 5 of the husbands from the group, fun games which included dodge ball! My mom came into town this past weekend to baby-sit Logan while we went out. So, Logan was her Valentine this weekend and while she missed my dad, I know she loved having Logan there!! For Valentine's Day, my husband came home with 2 beautiful cards (one from him, one from Logan) and a box of DeBrand's truffles. I'm sad to say the box is already half gone; they are so yummy!!!

Right before the Valentine's Banquet, with our friends Mark and Trina.

What could be in there?

All right, a Valentine's car!!!

Yummy, cookies!!!

On a sad note, Logan has been running a high fever for the last 3 1/2 days. It has ranged between 102 and 104. We have almost gone through an entire bottle of Motrin. If the fever is still there in the morning, he will go into the doctor but he has been absolutely miserable. He doesn't eat, doesn't play, has trouble sleeping, and just wants to be held all day long. Say a prayer for him!!!
Definitely not feeling well!!!

Monday, February 2, 2009

A Weekend Away

After a busy week, Logan and I took off for my parents house on Thursday evening after swim lessons. It was a wonderful, relaxing weekend and my parents loved having all that time with Logan! Their church had their annual tubing night on Friday, so we took Logan over for some outdoor fun! It was extremely cold out, so we didn't spend a whole lot of time there. However, Logan had the opportunity to tube. The first time he rode down with Papa on his tube and the next few times we put him in his own tube and locked him in with mine and Papa's legs. He had a blast!! He always laughed at the end of the hill. He also had to walk up the hill all by himself; he didn't want any one carrying him!!! Saturday my mom and I spent the day shopping while my dad hung out at home with Logan. We had so much fun, just enjoying some girl time!!

Grandma pulling me on my sled.

Getting ready to go down the hill.

About to head down....Wheeee!!

Below are some other pictures from the weekend at Grandma and Papa's house!!

Here is a video of Logan repeating some words and animal noises!!