Sunday, January 25, 2009

A Cold, Preschool, Haircut, and Swim Time

Poor Logan has been fighting a pretty bad cold for over a week now. His nose constantly runs and his eyes have yellow goop in them. Because he has had so much draining from his eyes, they are chapped underneath, so the poor kid looks like he has 2 black eyes!!! Some days he feels better than others, but he's definitely a lot more tired, especially with his swim lessons everyday. He is in pretty good spirits though and I'm definitely enjoying all the extra cuddle time. I know Glen is too; Logan actually sat and let Glen read him 8 books, which is a miracle. When he's feeling good, we can't usually make it through 1 book. Hopefully he's able to kick it in the next few days!! Below is a picture of him playing in my boots!! He loves putting on grown ups shoes and walking around the house!!
Many of you know Logan has unruly hair! It is extra fine and baby soft and sticks up everywhere!! We've tried wetting it down with water, using hair gel, but nothing seems to work. During the summer, we buzzed it down, but didn't want him with short hair while it was so cold out. So, we thought we'd grow it out this winter and see if that would help the unruliness! However, it didn't! So, I buzzed it down this week, just not as short as we use to do it. Hopefully this time around it will grow in thicker and heavier and maybe lay down better. But, he still looks absolutely adorable; it just makes him look older!!!
We also enrolled Logan in preschool for the fall! There is a nearby church, Sonrise, that offers Christian preschool. I've heard many good things from other parents, so we thought it would be a wonderful opportunity for Logan to work on skills we can't teach him at home (social interaction, sharing with other children), as well as further work on the skills he is learning at home. He will go 2 days a week for 2 hours in the morning. We took a tour of the school and classroom, as well as meet the teachers and Logan absolutely loved it. It's hard to believe he's old enough for preschool though! Where does the time go?
We just finished our third week of swim lessons. Logan is still crying during his lessons, but less often and not as hard! He is still doing very well. He is able to flip himself into a floating position, whether he's face down in the water or "standing" in the water. He swims to the wall well and is working on the swim float swim sequence. The next few weeks will get harder because she will stop giving them cues and have them rely more on the skills they are learning and less on her, since she won't be there if they ever get into trouble!!! It'll be interesting to see how much growth he gets in the next 3 weeks.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Cold Weather, Basketball, and Computer Time

The weather this week has been unbearably cold; by far, the coldest winter I have ever experienced in my life. During the day, the temperatures were a high of -15 degrees. Because of this weather, along with the snow, Logan's swim lessons were canceled on Wednesday and Friday, so I do not have any pictures to update. However, the three days he did have his lessons, he cried during them, but his technique is definitely improving. On Thursday, he got so mad during his lesson, he would kick his legs when he was supposed to be floating and he ended up swallowing some water. Other than that, he is improving each day. Monday will be hard for him when we go back because of being off for 3 days.
Logan went to his first basketball game this week. My cousin Ryan plays basketball for Grace College and they played St. Francis on Tuesday. My aunt and uncle were driving up from Seymour, so we went over there to watch the game and hang out with them. Logan watched the game off and on, but he was more interested in climbing up and down the bleachers. It was a great game; went into overtime with Grace winning by 1 point!!!

Logan finally got his Christmas present from us put together. We bought him a computer set for Christmas, but it took me until this week to finish the table. We received a table from some friends, so I stripped it and repainted it. I still have to finish the chair, but we were able to set his computer up and he absolutely loves it. He plays on it for 30 minutes at a time, at least 2 or 3 times a day. I think he's going to take after his daddy...he loves technology!!!

Logan officially got his first cold for the winter. I'm surprised it has taken this long, but it's a pretty nasty one. He woke up with yellow goop coming out of his eyes and nose and a cough. By bedtime tonight, his eyes were so red from the drainage and rubbing them. Hopefully after a dose of Motrin and a good night of sleep, he'll feel better tomorrow morning. I hope everyone is having a great January!!!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

ISR Lessons

About a year ago a friend told me about a wonderful swim safety class called Infant Swim Resource ( Unfortunately there were not any instructors in the area, so it wasn't an option and I was put on the waiting list. In November I found out they were bringing an instructor to the area so I was really excited, until I found out the cost!! For the entire session and registration fee, it was going to cost around $700.00. So, that halted our decision to pursue it anymore. Well, I received an e-mail from the instructor saying a resident of Fort Wayne found a business to combat the cost for every child who enrolled in the program, so we only had to pay the $100.00 registration fee!! Glen and I both decided this was not an opportunity we could pass, especially with it being discounted to everyone. So, we went through the registration process and Logan was approved (they have doctors who look through each child's medical history to make sure they are able to perform and handle these types of lessons). So, on Monday, January 5th, we began our 6 week, 5 days a week, 10 minutes a day swim safety lessons!! I knew this would be hard for Logan because he's not a big fan of swimming pools. He loves bath time, until you get water on his face, so this was going to be difficult for him. The first few days he cried quite a bit, but his crying slowly got better. The only time he cries now is when he's in the floating position. In his first week, he has learned to grab the wall, sort of swim to the wall to grab it, grab her hand underwater with his eyes open, and floating. He grasped so much in the first week, I can only imagine what he'll be doing at the end of 6 weeks. I will update each week on what he's accomplished, as well as pictures and video. Please continue to pray for him as he is learning these skills!! It's amazing what they are able to grasp and learn, even at this young age. These are not easy skills they are learning, especially being the age they are, so I am very proud of Logan and how much he has already accomplished!!!

Logan and Breana right before their first swim lesson.

Swimming to the wall and grabbing on.

Pulling himself up to the wall; a little of balance, but he is able to balance himself out.

Swimming to her hand and grabbing it.

Floating, which he hates, but has shown great improvement. When he first started with the float, he screamed and thrashed his body everywhere. Now he just screams, but his body is calmer. On Friday, he actually floated on his own for a few seconds. It was awesome!!!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year!!

Welcome to 2009!! The Weaver household is very excited for the coming year and all the new adventures we are sure to take!! Glen and I went to dinner on Wednesday night with 4 other couples: Matt and Keri, Chip and Carrie, Chris and Carol, and Bohn and Lubna. We went to Biaggi's, where we had a wonderful meal and great conversations. After dinner Bohn, Lubna, Glen and I went to a movie: Quantum of Solace. It was pretty good, although we enjoyed the first one better. So, we rang in the New Year watching a movie. In fact, we missed midnight, so our kiss was a few minutes late!!! Here are our resolutions for the coming year!!

1. To work out more (although I'm not sure how that is possible, since he already works out just about everyday!!)

1. Set aside time every morning to spend time in worship and prayer with the Lord.
2. Spend less money.
3. Run in 2 different races (mini-marathon, 10K, or 5K).
4. Only trim, no cutting of the hair for 3 years and on my 30th birthday, donate it to Locks of Love!
5. Break my childhood habit of biting my fingernails!!!
6. Be in my bed 10:00 during the week so I am rested and well prepared for my days with Logan!

1. Be a better listener to Mommy and Daddy.
2. Stop throwing my food, utensils, cars, etc...
3. Don't talk back to Mommy and Daddy, which includes screeching and screaming.

Okay, so Logan didn't really come up with these resolutions all on his own, but they are hopeful ones for Mommy and Daddy! :)

We wish everyone a blessed 2009. Continue to keep God the center of your life and your relationships!!!