Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Alive and Well....

It has been almost 8 months since my last post and I apologize. Life has been very busy for us, especially with 2 kids now! Every one is doing wonderful and getting big. Savannah will be 8 months old on the 11th and she is an absolute joy!! She is a very happy, very active little girl! Logan takes his role as a big brother pretty seriously, although the jealous aspect is starting to kick in. Now that she is mobile, she invades "his" territory and he's not a big fan of that!! I promise to start posting more frequently! This picture was taken at Savannah's baby dedication last month!! I love our little family!!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Tomorrow is the Big Day!

We are being induced tomorrow morning to have this baby girl!! So many different emotions are running through me at this time....happy, sad, excited, nervous, scared!! Please pray for a safe delivery and no complications and a smooth transition for us all, especially Logan!! We look forward to sharing the details about her and how life goes as a family of 4!!!

Monday, February 1, 2010

11 days to go.....

I am 11 days from my due date and I am so ready to have her!! I had Logan 11 days early, so if I don't go into labor and have her before 4:48 tonight (which is highly unlikely at this point in the day), I will have carried her longer than Logan. How much longer is anyone's guess!?!? I am so uncomfortable at night so sleep comes and goes. As of my last doctor's appointment (1/27), I was 2 centimeters, 50% effaced. I go back Wednesday morning, so hopefully I have made some more progress!!!

The good news is I have absolutely everything crossed off my checklist. I finished everything last night, which entailed a trip to the grocery store. You should have seen the looks I got from people. Here was a 38 week pregnant woman at the grocery store at 9:30 at night, pushing 2 carts full of groceries out to my car ALL BY MYSELF. It definitely wore me out, but we have so much food in the house now I am hoping to avoid the store for a while (except for milk, fruit, etc.).

Logan is very anxious for the baby to get here too. He likes to push on my belly and say, "out, baby, out." He's probably ready for me to not be so tired more than he's ready to share the limelight with his sister!! :)

Well, my bag is packed, the car seat installed, and a plan of action in place.....now we patiently wait for her to decide when she would like her birthday to be!! If you think about, please say a quick prayer for a safe delivery, a fast recovery, and a smooth transition for all of us (especially Logan)!!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Logan's Version of Singing

Playing Catch Up

It's been over a month since I've last blogged...OOPS!! We were just so busy with the holidays and getting everything ready for the baby's arrival. Things have been going good for us! Logan has been very happy and healthy this winter. He is still loving school and his speech has improved so much over the last few months. Glen was able to go skiing out in Colorado at the beginning of January with a college buddy and he very much enjoyed doing that! I am less than 3 weeks away from my due date, so it's been crunch time around the house. I'm trying to get everything done, cleaned, organized and put away before she arrives. We are all doing very well and eagerly anticipating the her arrival!!

Wearing Leah's headband...Silly Boy!
He thought it was funny to carry around my purse, however, Daddy didn't think so!
Wearing Grandma's shoes
Grandma and Logan
Playing with the Play-Doh center he got for Christmas
Storytime with Daddy
Logan likes to smile at the camera and say, "CHEESE!"
A typical Sunday morning....breakfast and the paper!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Baby Shower

Jeni, a good friend of mine, threw a GIRLIE baby shower for me. It was so much fun and I really appreciate all the hard work she put into it!! I got SO MANY cute clothes. I can't wait for her to get here, so I can start dressing her in them!!! She made up Citrus Fruit Preggatini's, which were delicious; yummy food and a delicious cake!! It was a great time being with my family and friends and I love having all their support and friendships, especially as we begin the adventure of 2 children!! I love you all!!!

Delicious Punch
Keri, Leona, Carol, Shara, Jordan
Tara, Carrie, Courtney, Elena, Allison
My Mom and Me
Jeni and myself

Monday, December 28, 2009

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas!! We started off our Christmas by attending The Chapel's Christmas Eve service. There isn't anything more important than remembering why we celebrate Christmas. It is so easy to get wrapped up in the presents and decorations, but without Christ NONE of it matters!! So, Happy Birthday Jesus!! We are so THANKFUL God sent you to save us!!! That is the greatest gift we could ever receive!!!

We woke up Christmas morning at home and started off with breakfast. We knew if we opened presents before breakfast, we would never get Logan to eat. He would be too interested in playing!

What a difference a year has made. Logan enjoyed Christmas last year, but he was really into opening up the gifts this year. In fact, if there was a present, whether it was his or not, he wanted to open it. Here's a glimpse into our family Christmas!

Helping Daddy open up one of his presents
A duck game from Santa!
Playdough Center
A car that makes a lot of noise and drives around!
Giving the car a test drive with Daddy

After we finished our family Christmas, we headed up to Elkhart to spend the rest of the day with my family: Mom and Dad, Brad and Jordan, Grandpa and Grandma, Uncle E and Aunt Pam, Reagan, Ryan and Liz. We only see the Eakins' crew a few times a year, so there was much to catch up on. We enjoyed some delicious food cooked by my mom and grandma. When it came time to pass out presents, Logan was one of "Santa's helpers."

Glen, Jordan, Logan, Ryan, Aunt Pam
Whose gift is this? It's quite heavy!!
Where are you Mom?
Logan and Great-Grandma
Waiting patiently to open it!!
I wonder what he's thinking!
Playtime with Papa
Daddy is off in La-La Land
Stuffing cars down his sweater
Silly boy

On Saturday morning, we woke up at my parent's house and celebrated Christmas with my immediate family. Once again, Logan was "Santa's helper" along with Aunt JoJo!!!
This bag is bigger than Logan is!
Grandma opening a gift
Punching out the pieces to his Handy Manny board game
Papa opening a gift
Uncle B and Aunt JoJo
Daddy putting together Logan's new marble game. This was, by far, Logan's favorite gift. He wasn't interested in opening any other presents. He wanted this put together so he could play it. There were many pieces, so it took Daddy some time to figure everything out!
Playing with some of the marble race pieces.
We had a wonderful time with our family and loved spending time with them. It seems our schedules keep us so busy we rarely have time to get together. That is definitely another bonus of Christmas.....we make the time to see family!! We hope each and every one of you had a blessed Christmas!!!