Monday, February 1, 2010

11 days to go.....

I am 11 days from my due date and I am so ready to have her!! I had Logan 11 days early, so if I don't go into labor and have her before 4:48 tonight (which is highly unlikely at this point in the day), I will have carried her longer than Logan. How much longer is anyone's guess!?!? I am so uncomfortable at night so sleep comes and goes. As of my last doctor's appointment (1/27), I was 2 centimeters, 50% effaced. I go back Wednesday morning, so hopefully I have made some more progress!!!

The good news is I have absolutely everything crossed off my checklist. I finished everything last night, which entailed a trip to the grocery store. You should have seen the looks I got from people. Here was a 38 week pregnant woman at the grocery store at 9:30 at night, pushing 2 carts full of groceries out to my car ALL BY MYSELF. It definitely wore me out, but we have so much food in the house now I am hoping to avoid the store for a while (except for milk, fruit, etc.).

Logan is very anxious for the baby to get here too. He likes to push on my belly and say, "out, baby, out." He's probably ready for me to not be so tired more than he's ready to share the limelight with his sister!! :)

Well, my bag is packed, the car seat installed, and a plan of action in we patiently wait for her to decide when she would like her birthday to be!! If you think about, please say a quick prayer for a safe delivery, a fast recovery, and a smooth transition for all of us (especially Logan)!!

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  1. SO excited for you:-) Baby will come soon enough!

    Funny story: Went to my dr appt today (I'm 14 wks) and Gabby, my youngest, went with me along with hubby.

    We got into the room and I sat on the table, and Gabby gave me this scared looked. "Mommy, where's the wheelchair?"

    I was like, huh?

    Then she says, "You know, that you sit in after the baby comes out so you can go home"

    She remembers watching the video of when Karalynn was born... when we left the hospital we video taped my "wheelchair" trip out to the car. She thought baby was coming out today and they'd wheel me out:-) She does NOT get the concept of 6 months until baby comes!

    *hugs* HOpe all goes well!!!!